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Plus Point Supermarket

The Plus Point supermarket in Dubai is created on customer satisfaction. For close to 30 years plus point have provided the customers with refreshing healthy food and effective customer service. Though Plus Point is a family-run operation, it had a humble beginning.
The company started craft supermarket in Dubai  in 1990. Over the next 15 years, they contained to run several convenient stores across GCC.
The company got a major makeover in 2006 when Mahmood Moossa stepped in as the MD and rebranded it to Plus Point. With undeterred determination, Mahmood Moossa built the whole Plus Point supermarket in Dubai  in just a matter of years. The extensive branching out began with supermarket in Dubai-Marina and university road branches opened in 2011. Between 2012 and 2015 further 6 branches were

launched by Plus Point in various locations across the UAE. The reason for the huge success of Plus Point supermarket in Dubai is that it was formed with the sole purpose of running Supermarkets. Mahmood Moossa worked hard and built a successful supermarket chain from scratch. It is safe to say that the Plus Point supermarket chain has played a vital role in building the UAE shopping culture.


We are on the constant lookout for exciting business ventures in and around UAE as we are commit- ted to providing the customers with premium quality products and services, which speak volumes of the company’s monumental presence in GCC.

Our Services

Plus Point supermarket in Dubai is committed to providing our customers with premium quality products and services from all around the world. We cater Economical, eco-friendly, top quality range of products. The plus point supermarket in Dubai think of ourselves when we endorse a product, you can rest assured you’ll get 100% pure authentic products at the aisles.Being in a country like UAE, where people from different ethnicities merrily live together, Plus Point try to cater to the needs of every single person. Sometimes it means we have to create assortments no one else dares to do. But at Plus Point supermarket in Dubai put our customers ahead of everything else. You’ll get Authentic Arabic herbs, Persian spices,and exotic fruits from different countries. Premium quality masalas are hand-picked for our Indian customers.

Plus Point supermarket in Dubai believes in supporting local produce, Buying local produce contributes to building a community. We help local farmers thrive, thus supporting the local economy. By local produce, we mean grown within 100 miles from our stores. Plus Point Super market in Dubai has a selection of fresh herbs that’s essential in every kitchen. Fresh thyme, basil, cilantro, parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme, oregano, dill are available at Plus Point round the clock

Plus Point super market in Dubai  is committed to providing our customers with premium quality products and services from all around the world.

Policy Statement

In the coming decade, Plus Point supermarket in Dubai would like to create easily accessible minimart chains in prime locations in and around the UAE that facilitates one of a kind shopping experience We aim to create 100 such small outlets where we prioritize our customer’s interests as always by giving them premium quality products at reasonable prices ensuring transparency and authenticity in each deal. Globally, there’s this huge trend shift from mindless shopping to meaningful shopping where you con- sume produce according to a set of ideals. Plus Point supermarket in Dubai  is dutiful to its loyal consumers to provide a healthy shopping habit. We want to empower our customers to live better, eat healthier and be responsible. We choose from the finest ingredients and goods to fill our racks because we believe quality shouldn’t compromised. We treat oru business, our customers and every single team member with honesty and respect.


Plus Point supermarket in Dubai is dutiful to its loyal consumers to provide a healthy shopping habit. We want to empower our customers to live better, eat healthier and be responsible.


Efficient Home Delivery Service

Feel free to shop from the comforts of you  home, as Plus Point supermarket in Dubai rewards its customers with state of the art swift
home delivery service that aids in  delivering premium quality products that cater to your needs swiftly and efficiently. Our products are getting in Instashop

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World Class Shopping Facilities

We’ve arranged world class shopping facilities for the customers of plus point. Global brands and products are available in our outlets. Each product goes through a vast set of quality checks to ensure it’s of the premium quality. Farm fresh herbs and vegetables have been procured from local cultivators in a gesture to support the local economy

The shopping experience is relaxing and trouble free. We also provide free Wi-Fi to the customers so that you stay connected even within our premises






Creating A Shopping Experience

We’ve always took care of our valuable customers. We have put much thought in designing our aisle. We want the customers of Plus Point supermarket in Dubai to have a stress free relaxed shopping experience. So the shelves are arranged in such a way that the shopping is easier and hassle free for kids and the elderly. Customers will find the well trained Plus Point crew in every nook and corner of the shop to assist them in their shopping. we are the best supermarket in Dubai 

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Friendly And Well Trained Staffs

We are committed to ensuring that all employees are well equipped and directed to achieve Plus Point’s vision strictly adhering to the company’s policy statement. The company is committed to developing employee skills and potential by providing a high-quality training program that promotes sensible working practices. Accordingly, the main objective of Plus Point’s training and development program is to ensure the continuity of development for the company.

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Buy International

Plus Point supermarket in Dubai imports fresh organic fruits and vegetables from all over the world. Customers get a wide variety of exotic fruits and berries that’s rich in nutritional content. They contain more vitamins and minerals.Plus Point imports premium quality dry fruits and nuts from all over the world. Almonds, pistachios, cashews, walnuts, hazelnuts, raisins, prunes, dates etc are available at Plus Point outlets in wholesale and retail quantities.Breakfast cereal,canned goods and soups ,coffee & tea, condiments, sauces & spices, fresh & food, frozen food, households essentials,infant and childcare, meal solutions, grains & pasta, snacks, cookies & candy etc are available in our outlets.

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Our promotional strategies are formed with the sole purpose of allowing the customers to share a luxurious lifestyle at modest prices without compromising on the quality of the product. We’d study the customer choices of a community and then plan accordingly We study a supermarket location and decide the kind of products to be focused on to maximise the business. We do this by Merchandising is the driving force behind every market decision .At Plus Point supermarket, we display premium quality products with promotional offers ,so that it will cater to more customers We want to be known for the quality of products and services

How we purchase quality products

Constantly Maintaining a supermarket chain with high-quality products requires a success mantra
Ever wondered what the Plus Point’s secret is? Plus point group maintains cordial trade relations between international business groups which enables us to procure the freshest premium quality products quickly.

Plus point supermarket


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Plus Point

Supermarket in Dubai

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